About Us

The ABA Academy opened in 2013 in Manatee County with eight students. In 2016 we relocated to Sarasota County to a building that was built to suit for our organization. We have six classrooms that are all run differently depending on student goals.  Many students at The ABA Academy receive private one-to-one therapy with our therapists after school or in their homes — for parents who wish to extend services and bridge the gap between home and school. Our IEPs are extremely individualized for students and have goals related to academics as well as social, emotional and behavioral needs.

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the design, implementation and evaluation of environmental motivation to produce socially significant improvement in human behavior. Socially significant behaviors include communication, social skills and activities of daily living, academics and work skills. Based on the findings of descriptive and functional analysis, ABA uses antecedent stimuli and consequences to produce practical change. ABA includes the use of direct observation, measurement and functional analysis of the relationship between environment and behavior. ABA is based on the belief that an individual’s behavior is determined by past and current environmental events in conjunction with organic variables, such as genetics. Therefore, it focuses on explaining behavior in terms of external events that can be manipulated rather than internal constructs that are beyond our control. The focus of ABA is to use objective and reliable measurement of observable behavior.

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Our Teachers

The ABA Academy employs teachers who either have a state teaching certification in ESE, or are eligible for certification with the BACB. All teachers are given guided practice by our Clinical Director/BCBA in the classroom while working directly with students. Throughout the school year we hold four professional days to provide teachers with ongoing continuing education courses in topics related to education, applied behavior analysis.